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Dr. Pankratz is a fantastic vision physician that provides medical & surgical eye care. He and his office staff are helpful, compassionate, and skilled. Their facility is very clean and has a comfortable atmosphere. I recommend his office for anything from a simple yearly eye exam to a laser vision correction procedure.
Ashleigh S.
Everyone so great. Dr Pankratz called the evening after surgery to see if I was OK even though I had follow-up appt the next day. Awesome!
Cheryl G.
Took very good care of me, explained what would be done and answered all my questions. Very professional compassionate caring place will recommend to others and will go back when I need to have a procedure done.
Peter O.
I had both eyes done for cataracts. He is a very good doctor and I have no complaints.
Linda M.
Wonderful! Dr. P is personable, knowledgeable, and explains everything very clearly. The rest of the staff are great–they really take care of you and seem to have a great time doing it. They are as thorough and knowledgeable as the professors at the IU Eye Clinic, but without the wait and inevitable missteps of a teaching clinic. They are real pros!
Levi T.
Very knowledgeable Doctors and staff. Very helpful and quick to respond to emergencies!!
Jennifer A.
With a somewhat rare malady that can only be treated, never cured, I have visited all the top practices in and around Indianapolis. Sadly, I am more familiar with the business practices and knowledge levels of the staff at each of these practices than anyone would ever want to be. Also, as a CPA and seasoned auditor, I notice such matters from a professional perspective.

The staff at Pankratz Eye Institute stand head and shoulders above all the others in and around Indianapolis. First off, equipment was state of the art and staff were both aware of how and when to use it. That is big as we were not testing new toys out on patients just because we can. I have indeed actually experienced this.

All staff at Pankratz Eye Institute could answer questions. I did not get a blank or ‘deer in the headlight’ look from anyone. This was even tested to confirm. That is huge. It means they have been trained, understand, and, in the end, aren’t wasting my or the doctor’s time. This is a huge credit to the manager overseeing the staff and the medical professionals taking the time to keep the staff on the same page with them.

Practices used by the Doctors during interactions were in concert with the best practices I have visited. A staff member is present and take the notes so the doctor can have focused attention on the patient rather than pecking at a keyboard or fishing for an app on a smart device. On the front end, this seems more expensive but the focus on treating provides tremendous dividends for the patient, Doctor and practice if executed well.

The waiting room was pleasant, spacious and seating was comfortable. The climate was neutral without television showing what I would describe as polarizing shows like HGTV, CNN, Fox, or the like. Its better, frankly.

All of this leads to the Doctor experience.

As I led this review, I have a rare malady that has had me visit all the best and largest practices in and around Indianapolis. I have relocated my care here because of Dr. Blair Boehmer. We met when he was practicing at Midwest Eye Clinic. Midwest is more of a clinic of last resort that treats acute cases rather than practicing general care. I would compare the knowledge and expertise gained from practicing in such an environment as the Doctoral school for Ophthalmologists.

Dr. Boehmer is a special person as well as Doctor. He is the ‘go-to’ expert in and around Indianapolis for myoglobin gland dysfunction, dry eyes, and the like. He understands the condition like no other. With my most recent bout, he was able to get the eyes under control and, in 48 hours, stop the pain that has me closing (and ceasing all movement of) my eyes to keep from incurring pain from movement and no later than 5PM each day. In previous iterations, this has taken weeks if not a month or more.

Dr. Boehemer has articulated options to me that have never been offered by another Doctor. Until I met him I had hoped but did not believe they were possible. It was so indescribably comforting to know there are even more advanced options if needed. But… he also understands the human side of the condition and knows the pain and alarm that can accompany it. His ‘bedside manner’ is comforting and needed. It is so distressing to have such challenges with your eye sight. Knowing you have an actual advocate to help… it means the world.

When I recently learned Dr. Boehmer had decided to move to Dr. Pankratz’s practice, it was not even a decision to request to become a patient here. The expertise Dr. Boehmer brings along with his understanding and empathy makes him a very special Doctor and person. Thank goodness there are people like him still around.
Brad C.
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